D-Rats 0.3.4

As Dan is not modifing the Drats application, I spent some time to study the code and do some modifications for better fitting it to the needs of the ARILECCO (www.arilecco.it) ham club in supporting the events in the alps where we live.

New Features of D-Rats 0.3.4

- larger map (to fit with 16x9 monitors)

- possibility to select an additional map (opencycle)

- possibility to select a differerent url for map images (with the mountain paths and the altitude lines, so really useful for the hams like me who live and do activities in the alps)

- interface to send GPS positions towards an external program 


How to install D-Rats 0.3.4 for Ms Windows

To install the new version of D-Rats on Windows XP - VISTA -7:                                                            

  2. uncompress it in a folder of your choice
  3. run "d-rats.exe" 
  4. fill in configuration window and enjoy!

Notes: eventual errors are logged into a file located in:

  • "d-rats.log", which is getting created in the same place where is d-rats.exe
  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\D-RATS-EV\debug.log

Source code repository

The d-rats-0.3.ev source code is availabe on the GIT HUB at this link: