D-Rats WebMap Server extension

Key features

The WebMap Server extends D-Rats adding a standalone application able to

  • receive GPS positions from D-Rats (listening on localhost porto 5011)
  • implement a basic http server (listening on localhost port 5010)
  • serving a page (map.html) which will
    • is located in "templates" folder
    • load the google map as background
    • keep an open connection to the WebMap http server
    • can be configured (modify map.html template) to show an available path  (requires a KLM file)


Requirements and architecture

WebMap extension it is an "alfa" software. almost no debughas been done and there is no assurance that it will work on your pc as it does on mine.

In order to work the WebMap requires:

-python 2.7 and some libraries

- to be launched from the source code via the ".bat" file.

If there is interest (and support) in this work, i can see to provide an installer or a precompiled version  


D-Rats Web Map can be downloaded from Git-Hub: