How to install a new radio into a Land Cruiser 120/125

The radio available as standard in my car is quite old and is missing mp3 and bluetooth connectivity.



the key thing is that this radio drives an ampliflier so it is not immediate to install a new radio.


To open the cockpit and uninstall the radio you can follow this video:



The back of the radio is this one.


There are 3 connectors





This connector is the one which power on the original radio.


- the bottom right pin is ground,

- the bottom left is +12 (under key)

- the top left is +12 for memory



1  - Memory +12C

11  - Red: Power +12 V (ACC)

20 - Black: Power GND


Honestly I wasnt able to make these work, I guess due to my inability in understanding how to use TX+/- to activate the amplifier:


- Green: AVC-LAN “TX +”

- Grey: AVC-LAN “TX -”


- Red RCA: Audio Line IN “Right”

- Black RCA: Audio Line IN “Left”

 - Orange: Balanced Line Out “Right +”

 - Blue: Balanced Line Out “Right -”

 - Yellow: Balanced Line Out “Left +”

 - Brown: Balanced Line Out “Left -”



So.... bad news is that to use these connectors it's not easy.

Taiwan/china producers sell a cable but it's quite expensive and I was not sure that it would have worked.



I bought this  cable with the proprietary toyota connector on one side and the 2 ISO connectors on the other side (let's call it Y cable).

BUT ... when it arrived it appeared to be"wrong" for the original radio connector in the cockpit....


Lukily it turned out to be "good" for the amplifier plug which is under the  driver seat!!



In this picture you can see the connector on the left side (it's below the "9"): just disconnect the cable from the amplifier and connect it to the Y cable.


This connection will:

- connect the new radio to the existing speakers

- power the new radio


Issue is that the Y cable was quite short so I had to cut and extend it in order to make it arrive from the seat to the cockpit whjere the radio is.


I passed the cable under the carpets into the plastic cover of the hand-brake following other electric cables.

In my case the new radio wanted to be fully switched off to work properly the bluetooth.... so i kept the audio connections from the Y cable  BUT took the power from the connector from the original radio.


in this way when you extract the key from the ignition block, the new radio is fully switched off.





To install the new radio you should get an adapter frame loike this one.